Pat Flanders // MINDCAST.63, 01//2024

Imagine an enchanting sunset gracing the pristine beaches of Rügen, savored within the confines of a splendid beach bar boasting a remarkable sound system, featuring a walk-in subwoofer.
Just when you think it can’t get any cooler, the rain starts, slowly turning the scene into a dark, cinematic night with a thunderstorm.

This recording captures the essence of a late summer evening in 2023 at the Klangpavillon in Sellin, an intimate establishment overseen by a congenial collective of audiophiles who share a penchant for fine organic food and drinks—a destination that undeniably warrants exploration. It’s not just a spot – it’s a vibe.

The mix reflects the mood of this unique setting, encompassing a wide range of genres and styles, reflecting not only the time of day and the weather, but also the cozy atmosphere and funky little bunch that made the evening what it was.

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