ChillinBerlin @ Suicide Klub Nacht, 10//2018

This set was played and recorded at the chill floor for Suicide Berlin’s Klub Nacht on 12th October 2018. It was a great night with awesome people, but specially for us cause the club opened their second floor for chill out, downtempo and experimental music and we started our ongoing residency there. Also playing that night were: Saytek (live), Tyree Cooper, Kiki and Berny. Thanks to everyone involved and to all the lovely ppl for being there 😉
Special thanks to Byetone, Raime, Andrea Parker, Frank Bretschneider, Plaid, Ariadne’s Labyrinth and all other artists for their great music!

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ChillinBerlin @ Suicide Klub Nacht, 10//2018 (365 downloads )